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KRN1000 Series A-4 (unit: mm) Panel cut-out 138+1.0 0 138 +1.0 0 Min. 175 Min. 175 144 11.5 69.2 137.5 15 14 10.4 M4 Specifications Dimensions Series KRN1000 Power supply 100-240VAC 50/60Hz BULLETIN 1494V 100 AMP VARIABLE-DEPTH FLANGE-MOUNTED DISCONNECT SWITCH KITS Note: The Disconnect S witch and Trailer Fuse Block must have the same series letter. 1494V Switches QR_R3.qxd:1494Chart8page 2/12/08 1:42 PM Page 7 2 USB 2.0 Compatible OHCI ports (12Mbit/s Max) 20 DIO lines - plus one output capable of switching 1 Amp at 30V 5 channel 12-bit A/D converter PC/104 8/16 bit bus SPI bus header Rugged quick-release terminal strips used for power Dimensions are 3.8 " x 4.5 " (PC/104 mounting holes) 1kHz ± 50Hz and 1.0 ± 0.2 Vrms if capacitance ≤10µF 120Hz ± 10Hz and 0.5 ± 0.1 Vrms if capacitance >10µF. 4. To obtain IR limit, divide MΩ-µF value by the capacitance and compare to GΩ limit. Select the lower of the two limits. Note: When measuring capacitance it is important to ensure the set voltage level is held constant. to 6,000 images, 4 GB supplied File Format bmp Memory Review Scroll through all saved images and view on-screen images / delete unwanted images Operating Temperature 0 °C to +50 °C Storage Temperature -20 °C to +60 °C Relative Humidity 10 % to 90 % non-condensing Display 2.2 inch (55.88 mm) diagonal 320 x 240 TFT LCD Overload Display ---- Emissivity correction 0.1 to 1.0 (0.01 increments) Image presentation Digital display 13 cm (5 in) diagonal large high-resolution digital display LCD backlight Sunlight readable color LCD Video output RS170 EIA/NTSC or CCIR/PAL composite video Palettes Grayscale, grayscale inverted, blue red, high contrast, hot metal, ironbow, amber, amber inverted Спецификация LCD панели A201SN02 V.5. Спецификация LCD панели B141XN03 V.0. Размер: 0,27 MB. Загрузил(а): Borek.MicroSD C ard Support s max imum 32 GB General Memory 256 M B Power Supply 24 VDC, power over network cable (DS -KAD606 -P) 12 VDC Power Consumption ≤10 W Working Temperature 14° to 131° F (-10° to + 55° C ) Working Humidity 10% to 90% Dimensions (L × W × H) 8.5" × 5.6" × 1.0" (217 mm × 142 mm × 26 mm ) (Neo900) KCE00E00CA RAM and NAND PoP (1 GB + 512 MB; KCE00E00CA) Possible full name of replacement: KCE00E00CA-A506 Ticket #516 Core > RAM de 2 GB y memoria eMMC Flash de 8 GB Pantalla táctil LCD TFT HD capacitiva de 5 puntos y 5.0 pulgadas (1280 × 720 pixeles) Los periféricos incluyen salida HDMI, USB, conector de audífono, EHS Conferencia de audio de 6 participantes y videoconferencia HD 720p 30fps de 3 participantes Inhibit for zero current consumption ■ Synchronization ■ Protection against feedback disconnection ■ Thermal shutdown. Applications. ■ Consumer: STB, DVD, TV, VCR, car radio, LCD monitors. ■ Networking: XDSL, modems, DC-DC modules ■ Computer: printers, audio/graphic cards512 MB RAM and 8 Gb internal storage: 512 MB RAM and 1 GB internal storage / included 16 GB TF card storage: 1 Gb SSD Internal, extended with 4 Gb TF card included: Camera: 5 MP Autofocus: 5 MP Autofocus VGA video resolution: 5 MP Autofocus VGA video resolution: 5 MP with autofocus: Screen: TFT LCD 3.7 in 480 x 640: TFT LCD 3.7 in 480 x 640 ... IEC60320/C19 to CHINA/GB (CN) 2 2 SLB8824KIT-WW SLPP12810-01 SLPP12910-01 SLPP12A08-01 SLPP12C08-01 IEC60320/C19 to Schuko (EU) IEC60320/C19 to BS1363 (UK) IEC60320/C19 to AS/NZS 3112 (AU/NZ) IEC60320/C19 to CHINA/GB (CN) 1 1 1 * Included power cords vary for kit purchased. Please see for additional inlet power cords available The Adam Equipment GB 260a 260 lb. Stainless Steel GB Platform Scale is a highly durable scale constructed from chemical-resistant stainless steel that can be easily cleaned after use. The GB scale also features single-point precision load cell technology and overload protection. (1) Display mode: STN POSITIVE, TRANSFLECTIVE, YELLOW-GREEN COLOR (2) Display format: 20 characters X 4 line (3) Driving method: 1/16 Duty 2 VDD Power supply for logic circuit(+5V). 3 V0 For LCD drive voltage (variable). 4 RS(C/D) H: Display Data, L:Display Instruction. 5 R/W H: Data...MicroSD C ard Support s max imum 32 GB General Memory 256 M B Power Supply 24 VDC, power over network cable (DS -KAD606 -P) 12 VDC Power Consumption ≤10 W Working Temperature 14° to 131° F (-10° to + 55° C ) Working Humidity 10% to 90% Dimensions (L × W × H) 8.5" × 5.6" × 1.0" (217 mm × 142 mm × 26 mm )

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AMD Geode LX800 processor-based Mini-ITX running at 500+ MHz Mini-ITX Motherboard based on AMD LX800 , CS5536, 1 GB DDR DIMM & onboard 256MB DDR optional, IDE, AC97 Audio , Giga LAN , 4 x USB2.0 , 2 x COM, GPIO, LVDS & TTL LCD Interface , IEEE1394 , Printer port , Mini-PCI & PCI socket, CF, DC 8~24V or ATX P/S 2 Maxim Integrated Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link with Spread Spectrum and Full-Duplex Control Channel MAX9259/MAX9260 Stresses beyond those listed under “Absolute Maximum Ratings” may cause permanent damage to the device. Milcots Ruggedized Displays. The MILCOTS rugged displays are delivered as stand alone units (wall or desktop mounted) or with a panel mount interface (console mounted). ). Designed around an all aluminum chassis, they are built to survive harsh conditions and are perfectly suited for Army, Navy, Air Force or other demanding applications that require reliable components to achieve critical ope Android OS Android 5.0.1 Onboard annotation 10 points annotation Annotation tools over video source Wi-Fi dongle Optional Application On screen annotation, whiteboard, gadgets (e.g. calendar) Hardware CPU Quad core, ARM Cortex A53,1.4 GHz GPU Mali-450 MP4 (4+2) RAM/ROM 2 GB DDR3 / 16 GB Driver Free installation (Windows®, Mac, Android) Technical data sheet 22ADP-184.. 22ADP-184.. • en-gb • 2020-12-11 • Subject to change 2 / 4 Accuracy pressure deviation compared to the reference device Product data sheet Characteristics SMT1000IC APC Smart-UPS 1000VA LCD 230V with SmartConnect Overview Lead time Usually Ships within 2 Weeks General Provided equipment Cat 5 Ethernet cable Installation guide USB cable Additional specification Cloud-enabled monitoring Performance multiplier 1 Number of tare power 30 W Number of power module free ...