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Generally speaking, Desmodur ® N 3300 can be mixed with the following products: aliphatic polyisocyanates such as Desmodur ® N 100, N 75, N 3200, N 3400, N 3600 and Desmodur ® Z 4470; aromatic polyisocyanates such as Desmodur ® L, HL and IL; polyester polyols such as Desmophen ® 670; polyacrylates such as the Desmophen ® A products. Bayer Desmodur N75 Usage And Synthesis. Bayer Desmodur N75 Preparation Products And Raw materials.Desmodur N75, Chất Đóng Rắn PU. Liên hệ. Desmodur Z4470, Chất Đóng Rắn PU. Liên hệ ... Manufacturer of POLYMERS AND POLYMER RESIN - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Polene, Elvax 40L-03 Resin (Copolymer Resin), ETHYLENE VINYL ACETATE EVA and EVA Ethylene Vinyl Acetate offered by N SHASHIKANT & CO., Mumbai, Maharashtra. Полиизоцианат алифатический Desmodur N 75 MPA/X.Manufacturer of ORGANIC - Desmodur L 75, Desmodur N 75, CAUSTIC SODA and Antimony Trioxide offered by N SHASHIKANT & CO., Mumbai, Maharashtra. 204,siddharth Complex R.c.dutt Road N/a Baroda Gujarat N/a Country: India Telephone: 0265-336174,340682 Fax: .337022 desmodur 44v20l (3) desmodur il1451 (1) desmodur l75 (1) desmodur n3300 (1) desmodur n75 (1) desmodur t80 (4) desmophen 13001 (1) desmophen a450 (1) desmophen a760 (1) desmophen rd 181 (1) dibutyl phthalate (1) diethanolamine (1) dop (1) dung moi cong nghiep (1) dung mÔi ngÀnh hÓa dẺo (2) dung mÔi ngÀnh in (8) ĐÓng rẮn epoxy (5 ... Desmodur N 75. Purity:99% Packing:according to the clients requirement Inquire. Tel:+86-23-77778019. Kaiweidun Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Desmodur N 75.Fabricantes y Productos - ... productos ... Desmodur N 100 、 N75 、 N3200 、 N3400 、 N3600 及 Desmodur Z4470 类脂肪族聚异氰酸酯; Desmodur L 、 HL 和 IL 类芳香族聚异氰酸酯; Desmophen 670 类聚酯多元醇; Desmophen A 类聚丙烯酸酯。但是须测试所配溶液的相溶性。 The detection of vapors, especially of the missile propellant fuel, 1,1-dimethy 1-hydrazine, by frustrated multiple internal reflection (FMIR) spectroscopy was studied.

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Macrynal VSM 2896-60; Desmodur N 75. HEUCOPHOS® ZAM-PLUS. Download. Desmophen A 160 SN; Desmodur N 75 MPA/X 1:1. HEUCOPHOS® SAPP. Download.desmodur n 75 mpa/x 249099 piezo electric ceramic element 249099 paical 249099 cosmonate 4040c 249099 heating medium mh-50 249099 deodoraizer (1)air remake a-tape dj-1(2)air remake b-tape dj-2(3)miracle-ran 1 249099 tick 249099 suprasec 2544 (mdi:51%,改質 mdi:49%) 249099 instapak chemical a (polymeric isocyanate 4.4-diphenylmethane ... Desmodur® ultra IL 1351 BA page 2 of 4 Edition 2018-11-12 Replaces edition dated - Product Datasheet Solubility / thinnability Generally speaking, Desmodur® ultra IL 1351 BA has good thinnability with esters such as ethyl acetate, butyl acetate and 1-methoxypropylacetate-2 and with aromatic hydrocarbons such as toluene, xylene, Solvesso® 100 and Desmodur® BL 1100 Desmodur® CD Desmodur® I Desmodur® KA-8331 Desmodur® L75 Desmodur® L75A Desmodur® L75N Desmodur® MP-100 Desmodur® MP-225 Desmodur® N75 Desmodur® N100 Desmodur® RC Desmodur® RE Desmodur® RFE Desmodur® VK-5 Desmodur® VK-18 Desmodur® VK-70 Desmodur® VK-200 Desmodur® VKP 79 Desmodur® VKS 10 Desmodur® VKS 20 F ... Desmodur® N-75 MPA/X: Aliphatic polyisocyanate (HDI biuret) to formulate lightfast two-component polyurethane coating systems. 28182-81-2: N/A: SEE; Desmodur® PL 340 BA/SN: Blocked aliphatic polyisocyanate based on IPDI for the production of of lightfast, one-component polyurethane baking coatings with low thermal yellowing and high chemical ... Monday 19 January 2004 1:00:00 am. kindly advice 2kpu fast drying hardner in aliphatic systems should be fast desmodur n75 your favor shall be hihgly appriciated Desmodur® ultra N 3390 BA/SN. Aliphatic polyisocyanate (HDI trimer). As the hardener component for lightfast polyurethane coating systems. Desmodur L75 cũng thích hợp cho những chất kết dính tạo liên kết ngang ở nhiệt độ phòng như Desmocoll hay Baycoll. Chúng có thể được dùng để liên kết nhiều loại nguyên liệu với nhau như gỗ, nhựa, kim loại. Sep 23, 2011 · Desmodur N75 MPA/X tương hợp được với các sản phẩm sau: aliphatic plyisocyanate Desmodur @ N3200, N3300, N3400, N3600, và Desmodur @ Z4470, aromatic plyisocyanate như Desmodur @ L, HL và IL; polyester polyol như Desmophen @ 651 và 670, polyacrylate như Desmophen @ A, polyether polyols như Desmophen @ 1380 T. Crosslink with Desmodur N75 6) 26.30 Thinner (ratio) : n-Butyl acetate 70 Diacetone alcohol 30 Paint properties Property Value Unit TM Viscosity DIN cup 4, spray 23°C appr. 18 sec. - Viscosity DIN cup 4, 23°C appr. 120 sec. - Solids content, at spray appr. 40 % - Solids content, appr. 55 % - 1) Sachtleben Chemie GmbH 2) Kronos Titan GmbH