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Top Guardian has All Kinds of 75-95DB Wireless Door Bell Welcome Alarm Chime Motion Sensor Detector Shop Home Store 8.1x8.6x4.3cm,G5/8" 0-25Mpa Argon Pressure Reducer Mig Tig Flow Meter Gas Regulator Flowmeter Welding Weld Gauge Argon Pressure Reducer,50Pcs Picture Hangers Golden Brass Triangle Photo Picture Frame Wall Mount Hanger Hook Hanging Ring Iron and more On Sale, Find the Best China 7 ... The first is the wire hanger, which has a simple loop of wire, most often steel, [citation needed] in a flattened triangle shape that continues into a hook at the top. The second is the wooden hanger, which consists of a flat piece of wood cut into a boomerang -like shape with the edges sanded down to prevent damage to the clothing, and a hook ... 2-7/8", 3" is same as 2.875 " SEE PIPE SIZE DETAILS Request a quote by email: [email protected] (include your city, state, Zip) or call 800-283-8110 x 207. Wire support for drop ceiling assemblies Hanger Wire is available in 8, 9 and 12 gauge and is galvanized for corrosion resistance. Hanger wire is suspended from the underside of the floor structure to provide a structural support for drop, gypsum wallboard or plaster suspended ceilings. 6.79 USD. The 12-Gauge Hanger Wire is ideal for use in Suspended Ceiling Grid Installations. The Hanger Wire is designed for suspending main tees from eye lag screws to create the ceiling grid. The product, designed for commercial applications, contains 100 ft. of 12-Gauge hanger wire.Insulation supports are cut strips of wire used to keep insulation in place. Simply place the Supports between the wooden floor joists and the 45º angle tip will dig into the wood, securing itself and your insulation. All of our Insulation Supports are cut from 13 gauge carbon steel spring wire for optimum flexibility and strength. For lighter use, we have many types of adhesive picture strips and hangers that are economical and effective. Here you can also find all the wire and hooks you will need as well as complete picture and mirror hanging kits that you can install effortlessly and quickly. 8. Connect boost gauge electrical wires to allow the dashboard dimmer knob to control the boost gauge's back-lighting at night: a) route electrical wires from boost gauge behind dash, pass near gearshift knob. You'll probably have to add an additional 2 feet of wire. I used 3 strands of this wire. For this project I only needed the wire to be about 18 inches long. This I could do myself. Instead of having the other person hold the wire with pliers, I placed the wires in a vice and then twisted them, making sure to keep the wires tight. You can also use the vice for longer wires. Includes: Line Posts (2" OD x 8 ft spaced at 10ft) with hardware, Top Rail (1-5/8"), Mesh (2" x 9 gauge) Corner, End, Gate Posts and gates not included. Price is per ft. $10.99 7 ft tall Galvanized Commercial Fence Kit, Plain or Barb Wire Top. Use this Standard Wire Gauge Chart for simple conversions and reference while you work. Convert standardized AWG (American Wire Gauge) sizes to inches (in) and millimeters (mm). Click for a downloadable, printable copy of the wire gauge converter in PDF, or image file format. Perform fast wire gauge conversions in the lab or out in the field. Precision Wire offers wires for various fasteners and clips ranging from 12, 9, and 8 gauge. When you need overhead support of acoustical and drywall ceiling and electrical fixtures, give us a call and we can help you out. 16 inch Suit Hangers Wire Forming. Buyer is in search of dry cleaning hangers for the expansion in the US market. It is important to have 25 test samples before total production runs can begin. A company rep located in Shanghai will also most likely need to visit the facility. 13 gauge/ 16" Suit Hangers 500/ctn. 5 full containers per...

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CONTACT US. Wire & Sheet Metal. All Products. Square and Half Round Wire. Thickness. 28 Gauge.P2537-EG 1-5/8" x 2-7/16", 18 Gauge, 120 Lb, Electro Galvanized, Steel, Fluorescent Fixture Hanger $7.44 / PC price:7.44 final price:7.44 Availability: Call for availability Mommie always said no more wire hangers, but never said anything about hangers made from hand bent industrial-grade rebar like these cool new Man Hangers.Each hanger is sealed and coated to resist rust and corrosion and strong enough to reinforce concrete or just hold up a coat, shirt, or pair of pants. Office: 954.772.1477 Fax: 954.772.0712 Toll-free: 800.457.1018 Orlando: 800.457.1068 4300 Northwest 10th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 Galvanized wire I produced galvanized wire: 0.55mm-0.15mm galvanized axoneme, can also be labeled as a variety of packaging according to customer requirements. Technically, we keep making progress, innovation, ensure timely supply of galvanized...P2537-EG 1-5/8" x 2-7/16", 18 Gauge, 120 Lb, Electro Galvanized, Steel, Fluorescent Fixture Hanger $7.44 / PC price:7.44 final price:7.44 Availability: Call for availability Wire diameter is measured in inches or millimeters as well as in gauges. Gauges range from 0 to around 50; the smaller the number, the thicker the wire. For example, a 16-gauge wire is slightly thinner than a coat hanger, while 30-gauge wire is similar to thread.10 Pack UL Wire Lugs 8 Gauge 8 AWG 3/8 Inch Stud Ring terminals Heavy Duty Copper Crimp Lugs Welding Cable Bare Copper Eyelet Lug with Heat from $8.99. Amazon's Choice for 8 gauge wire connectors. RockDIG 50 pcs AWG 8/6/4/2 Heavy Duty Bare Copper Lugs, Closed End Tubular Ring...